The New City Girls WI raise £4,000 for BRA to buy a Micropigmentation machine

The New City Girls WI group have made a donation of £4,000 following their decision to make BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) their charity of the year. The funding has enabled the Breast reconstruction unit at Broomfield Hospital to purchase a Micropigmentation machine.  Medical tattooing works to replace colour into skin following nipple reconstruction. This donation will go a long way in helping post breast cancer and mastectomy patients in their journey of recovery.

Jolene Butcher, Breast reconstruction sister said: “We are so thankful to these ladies for making us their charity of choice in 2020, most of this money was raised through lock-down by running lots of online events. Thank you”.

BRA Meetings

Meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons either virtually via Microsoft Teams video conferencing or face to face at St Andrews Hospital outpatients department.