In the films below three amazing women who have lived through or have been faced with the experience of breast cancer share their stories and explain how vital the work of BRA really is.

My First BRA

The BRA charity wanted a short film that could be shown at their annual fundraising Butterfly Ball. The challenge was to create an impactful educational film that would ultimately encourage people to donate to this great cause. After really exploring the issue, we formulated an idea based on the thought that in a woman’s life, there is a bra for every occasion. These have an association with significant milestones or events; a first bra, wedding bra, pregnancy bra and so on. And that’s how the film, ‘My first bra’ was born.


Most of us will be familiar with the term BRCA2 gene in relation to breast cancer due to its recent media attention. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and the popular UK soap, Eastenders, have recently raised awareness of the topic and the potential impact on the lives of those affected. But what does having an increased risk (up to 80%) of breast or ovarian cancer due to a faulty gene really mean? What are the true implications on the individuals and their families? What sort of decisions does a diagnosis force someone to make?

Charlotte Pittuck shares her story and gives an insight into how she made a difficult, yet as she describes ‘empowering’, decision. In this short film we are invited into her home and share every moment of her risk reducing double mastectomy and reconstruction. Whether you want to find out more about the implications of being tested for the BRCA2 gene, reconstructive surgery in general, or both, watch Charlotte’s honest, inspiring and brave account here.

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