St Andrews physio raise money for BRA to support new Breast exercise class

On Wednesday 18th December, Emma Marshall and Marie Matanle (Breast Reconstruction physiotherapists) held a bake sale to raise money for the new Breast exercises class. The cake sale managed to raise £175 through the kind donations from the staff and patients of St Andrews.

There is an over whelming amount of evidence to support physical activity during all stages of a patient’s cancer journey. During a patient’s course of treatment (eg. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery etc) patient’s often become deconditioned, losing both cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Exercise and pre-habilitation is encouraged to help patients tolerate difficult treatments and experience fewer complications.


The money raised from the bake sale purchased eight exercises watches and resources for the class. The new exercise classes will be offered to ladies pre-operatively and post-operatively. Ladies will be offered six one hour sessions over the course of six weeks and this will be held in the St Andrews gym.

For further information, please contact Emma Marshall & Marie Matanle on 01245 516009

BRA Meetings

Meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons either virtually via Microsoft Teams video conferencing or face to face at St Andrews Hospital outpatients department.