Micropigmentation, commonly known as medical tattooing is a way to replace colour in your skin, giving a more natural appearance following a nipple reconstruction.

It is performed by depositing pigment into your skin with a specially designed motorized instrument. Before treatment is carried out you will have a consultation at the Nurse led Micropigmentation Clinic. A medical history will be taken, the procedure will be explained to you and your consent will be sought. Once all your questions have been answered we will proceed with your tattoo.

The tattooing machine has small needles that move quickly in and out of the skin allowing colour to be introduced. A slight vibration maybe felt. A light dressing will be applied and post procedure advice given.

Things to consider

Micropigmentation is an art process and not an exact science, therefore results will vary from patient to patient. As colour does fade in time, the initial colour selected may be darker than the desired colour. Colour and size match cannot always be achieved. Some patients may need more than one procedure to achieve a good colour. As with any surgical procedure complications can result, including swelling, bruising, reaction to pigment and infection. If you ever have an MRI scan, the tattooed area may show up on the scan. Some patients have reported feeling a tingling sensation. Please inform your radiologist that you have had the tattoo. Laser treatments on the treated area can alter the colour of the tattoo, so should be avoided.

How will I know if I have an infection?

Infection is very rare. colours will initially appear very intense immediately after the session. If the treated area continues to stay red and swollen causing excessive heat and pain, or you have flu like symptoms then it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible.

Can I go swimming?

Until the area has fully healed we advise you not to go into chlorinated water.

How often will I have to come back to clinic?

You will have one session which should be enough to achieve a good result, however occasionally it may be necessary to have another session.

BRA Meetings

Meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons either virtually via Microsoft Teams video conferencing or face to face at St Andrews Hospital outpatients department.