Our Glamorous BRA Ladies in Daily Mail

Our BRA ladies continually support newly diagnosed women who are about to go through mastectomy and are considering reconstruction at the same time. They literally show their scars and reconstructions to our new patients and talk candidly about their experiences in a supportive and reassuring environment. We run theses meetings every two weeks and some have attended almost every one since we started them in 2004. They volunteer because they say they want to give something back and this is a way they can support other patients making the journey they themselves have already taken.

We all know that there is never anything more valuable than speaking to someone who has been through the same experience as you especially a traumatic one and the reassurance that it gives to know you are not alone.

Please check out this Daily Mail article containing some of our ladies inspiring stories. We thank all our volunteers for their continued invaluable support!

The inspiring women who counsel other breast cancer patients about life after a mastectomy | Daily Mail Online

BRA Meetings

Meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons either virtually via Microsoft Teams video conferencing or face to face at St Andrews Hospital outpatients department.